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"The woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best"

Just a thought...

Lily Winograd
2 September 1986
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The last time I updated this damn thing, I was 19 years old. Please don't expect anything new and exciting on this bio... everrrrr! lol

abba, acoustic guitar, acting, aim, american idol, anything goes, ave q, avenue q, bat boy, beaches, beatles, bernadette peters, boys, brian stokes-mitchell, broadway, broadway shows, bway, cabaret, cake, camp la jolla, chicago, chick flicks, circus, claire's, clothes, comedy central, conan o'brian, dance, dancing, dane cook, digital photography, disney, drama, dramas, drew carey, eggs, ewan mcgregor, family guy, fire poi, french woods, frenchwoods, friends, futurama, fwf, getting mail, glamorama, gypsy, hairspray, hairspray the musical, horror movies, horses, ib, idina menzel, improv, instant messanger, interact, international baccalaureate, into the woods, jack johnson, jason mraz, jawbreaker, jcs, jemima j, jesus christ superstar, jewel, john stienbeck, juice, laughs, lotion, lyrics, mad tv, maria bamford, marissa jaret winoker, marissa jaret winokur, massena, may, moulin rouge, movies, mtv, music, music man, musical theatre, musicals, new york, new york city, nick swardson, nightmare before christmas, nyc, off-broadway shows, oldies, once upon a mattress, orange juice, performing, phantom planet, pie, pillsbury doughboy, pink, plays, poems, poetry, reading, red hot chili peppers, renee zellweger, rent, return to oz, running, she's come undone, shopping, short stories, simpsons, singing, ska, snl, sondheim, stand up comedy, stephen sondheim, stephen sondhiem, steve bushemi, sublime, suffolk university, sweeny todd, the beatles, the man show, the rocky horror show, theater, theater camp, theatre, thinking, thoroughly modern millie, thorougly modern millie, tic tacs, toast, track, tv, urinetown, wally lamb, web design, webpage design, weezer, whatever, white oleander, wicked, wicked the musical, working out, writing, your mom, ♪♪